Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Tale of Two Christmases Some 100 Years Apart

In the winter of 1914  World War I had just begun
The race to the sea and the building of trenches for safety from the big guns
What was thought by the Germans before they were stopped at the Marne River
To be a short war to be ended before Christmas and its ice and snow and falling temperature shivers
Became a great killing field with gains measured in thousands of bodies and a few worthless yards
Caught the generals completely at a loss and completely off guard
Men caked in mud, covered in lice with the surrounding terrain a swiss cheese of shell holes
Digging trenches and dugouts deeper and deeper reduced to living to survive like moles
To the politicians and generals far from the front a time to achieve glory
To the grunts at the front the reasons for war quickly gone with little that was hunky dory
After week upon week  in a subhuman hell
Chased without mercy by grenades,  bullets and shells
On Christmas Eve the Germans starting singing Christmas carols that seemed to warm the cold winter night
Time to end this war, time to end the killing and maiming on the Eve of Christ’s birth that was out of place, not right
The Germans, French and Brits with a great leap of trust came up out of their trenches armed not with guns but small gifts
To exchange and sing carols together, to smoke without fear of a sniper’s bullet, to feel the spirit of Christmas uplift
The Christmas Truce as it became known lasted into Christmas Day
For a few hours they put down their arms and would not the other side slay
Fast forward to today and view the bitterness in the Swamp that is proving so hard to drain
CNN in a snit over Trump’s “Fake News” will attendance at the White House Christmas party for media refrain
If the soldiers in the trenches could a truce to hostilities of killing and maiming declare
Why cannot CNN in the spirit of Christmas and Goodwill to Men not go for a few hours for goodwill to share?
Just another example of the great partisan divide that has sown the seeds of distrust and gridlock
And why the Blues will obstruct to the bitter end Trump’s agenda and needed tax cuts try to block.
© November 29, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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