Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Domestic Abuse Predictor of Mass Shootings

Miners deep underground are to great dangers exposed
Especially gas unseen by the eyes, unsmelled by the nose
Often they used a canary in a cage to predict
When concentrations of gas would death or injury inflict
Advance warning when the canary fell over that it was time to the shaft vacate
As we mourn once again for the victims of mass shootings that seem not to abate
There may be another canary that may other mass shootings predict
Might just quell the Blues who are on the war path to law abiding citizens’ guns restrict
There is a wave of mass shootings far too many sweeping across the land
Certain traits of the shooters seem to with the mass shootings go hand in hand
In over half of the mass shootings there is a history of domestic abuse by a male
Too often the beaten wife is fearful and the culprit does not go to jail
A ticking time bomb of resentment and anger like the ice berg under the surface mostly unseen
Waiting to explode to punish his spouse, showing his power to create the scene of all crime scenes
If the spouse calls the police and to jail in cuffs he is sent
Nothing there in terms of anger management to keep future confrontations non violent
Only the slap on the wrist of a ban on future gun ownership
Which in Kelley’s case, proof positive so easy to under the radar slip
Another canary might well be a male, Kelley, whose trait was to cruelly animals beat
Up the ante that soon, very soon for the spouse and nearby innocents a mass shooting to greet
Guns kill but those with mental issues of rage, bias, and helplessness
Kill with a vengeance when they crack under real or imagined stress
Too many of us when the signs of an unstable man are in plain sight
Either do not want to get involved or would rather take flight
Or maybe, just maybe, the signs of behavior of an impending shooting spree
To their untrained eyes the looming danger of a mass shooting they cannot foresee
We must learn to know what behavior seems dangerous and completely out of place
Ere we are all condemned to have our lives be under the reality of deadly shootings forced to embrace
© November 7, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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