Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans' Day and the One Percent

On this Veterans’ Day we honor our vets who serve and have made the sacrifice
The long deployments, away from family, often in harm’s way dodging wounds and loss of life
Years of physical disabilities for years after from the wounds of war
Years of emotional scars, unseen on the surface that attack a person’s mental and emotional core
Years of being ignored by a callous VA
That despite of the platitudes, appointments still facing delays
Dodging bullets, rpgs, IEDs and mortar shells being at them lobbed
Yet when finally home alive and not physically wounded often cannot find a job
“Thank you for your service” will not put food on a vet’s table
“Thank you for your service” may not help a vet now depressed or unstable
“Thank you for your service” garnished with applause seems somewhat hollow
And yet these brave one percent continue to into harm’s way follow
Only one percent of  this nation don a uniform and volunteer
Can we do more than just flip the burgers or steaks on the grill and grab another beer?
Or do we mutter such a shame and become in the veterans’ plight become MIA
Close our eyes to the facts that 20 vets take their own life each and every day?
If the sons and daughters of the Swamp or the top wealthy 1 percent were serving there would be Hell to pay!
Why in this land of medical and mental treatment bounties with Medicare and Medicaid due we have the nightmare of a single payer VA?
Why do we continue to accept by inaction the callousness, fraud, and incompetence of the bureaucrats at the VA?
99 percent of us for our safety and freedoms depend on just one percent
Yet we stand by and seem unwilling to fix a care system that seems broken and bent
Why not create Vetcare to be modeled after Medicare to allow a vet to any private hospital or doctor choose
Sell off the VA Hospitals to the private sector where if as an administrator you do not perform your job you lose
As opposed to the VA where it is easier for a camel to go through the proverbial needle’s eye
Than for a VA bureaucrat no matter how incompetent his or her job to deny
Thank them for their service, hire them as priority job one
Support Wounded Warriors or Soldier Strong, until Vetcare arrives outrage at the VA to get the war against vet neglect won
      ©November 10, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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