Friday, November 10, 2017

Left Howling at the Skies

The left was at it again on the anniversary of Trump’s upset of the coronation queen
Howling up at the sky in impotent rage that to delusionally try to change the political scene.
Trump is still in office as Rep Green, the new Quixote on the impeachment quest
As Trump has the decline in hope and confidence put to bed firmly to arrest
Markets are at an all time high, having created billions upon billions of new wealth
Moving above 3 percent growth in GNP a far cry from Obama’s anemic illhealth
Jobs are being created at record rates and wages are finally beginning to rise
In full art of the deal mode, jobs are coming back to this nation
Towns with empty abandoned factories are in a state of elation
The Reds in the Senate look like they will on tax cuts speak with one voice
The Blues and MSM will be carping but the middle class will rejoice
One cloud on the horizon beckons and calls for Reds and Blues to show some spine
Time to cut spending while we still may have some time
Ere interest on the national debts up every last discretionary nickel and dime.
The howlers should look around, congratulate Trump for his efforts to have this nation out of stagnation climb


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