Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thanksgiving feast 2017

2017 Thanksgiving Feast

As we approach Thanksgiving with family and friends before carving the turkey, time to pause and reflect
That while in gatherings across this nation, millions will gather around a table to a caloric banquet inspect
From turkey with stuffing, to cranberries, to mashed potatoes and gravy, to scalloped corn, to baked yams
To Brussel sprouts with bacon, to peas and onions, to sweet potatoes, to rolls, and maybe even a ham
Space will be at a premium on the dining room table and on plates as dishes and platters are passed around
Soon all you will hear are pleasant conversations free of politics or strife, punctuated by contented sounds
Proving once again it is hard to find anger or spite with a mouth turkey or ham full
Or while in deep concentration to make a wishbone request or to off the turkey a drumstick pull
Bemoaning that when it comes to passing on seconds or thirds most of us have not the will
But hoping that one would for the expected pumpkin pies with whipped cream have room still
On this day when we give thanks for the bounty enjoyed across this land
Content are those who can give thanks to the new Pilgrims by giving a helping hand
Like the Pilgrims of old wondering how they would in the cold winter survive
Notching up belts racked by hunger, hoping some in the spring would still be alive
Indians appeared out of the forest not carrying bow and arrow, war clubs or spears
But platters laden with oysters, clams, fish, corn, yams and deer
If the Indians could have into the future gazed
Would they have withheld the food or worse war chants raised?
Or maybe they knew but their Great Spirit drove them to not arrows release
But open hands willing to take a chance and live with the white men in peace?
Throughout this land the new Pilgrims, the hungry, are too often invisible as we stream by on ribbons of concrete
As we stuff ourselves hard to imagine that thousands upon thousands here in Orange County will go to bed without enough to eat
The lucky ones on Thanksgiving will sit down to a Thanksgiving Day meal
For a day to know that the gnawing wounds of hunger will heal
Show you are thankful by donating to the local food banks
Urge your supermarkets and restaurants to do the same to join the caring ranks
If you do, a poetic guarantee that such acts will carve out some room
When the pumpkin pie servings with such fanfare now loom

© November 18, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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