Monday, October 12, 2015

USC Student Body Left No Match For Demon Rum Blitz

This was supposed to be a National Championship for the warriors of Troy
A return to greatness with all manners of offensive weapons to employ
A young quarterback with amazing skill
Fleet footed receivers and running backs to on defenses impose their will
But two major unforeseen bumps in the road to a national crown
First a humiliating loss to Stanford in their own home town
Followed last week by another loss at home to the Huskey dogs
The head coach’s calls seemed to be in a heavy, confused fog
The season with such great promise now over before it had begun
Stopped dead in its tracks not by the NCAA but the effects of demon rum
It would appear that the Trojan  Head Coach Sark
Laid low by a disease that claims all from Park Avenue to the homeless sleeping in the park
Alcoholism left untreated is the hurricane that sweeps away families, health, honesty and careers
Starts out with great elation and success then later turns deadly in the sum of all fears
Coach Sarkissian has been fired, but we all should have him in our prayers and wish him well
No man or woman even a member of the Trojan family should have to endure the ravages of an alcoholic hell!
© October 12, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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