Friday, October 2, 2015

GAO 1 Trillion Of Waste In 11 Years Not Pocket Change

We have gone from a government so bloated with fraud, waste and abuse
Where accountability and financial controls are completely nonexistent or far too loose
That overpayment spending remains completely out of control
A growing entitlement mentality of more and more people on the dole
The GAO is like a Peter each year surrounded by more and more real wolves of waste
While the taxpaying sheep are bleating as into their fleece the wolves are baying to taste
The dikes of GNP holding back the seas of national insolvency are crumbling and the GAO seems like a mere finger to stop the breech
Ignored by a spendthrift president and a Congress whose deficit spending is quickly putting the dreams of the next generation completely out of reach
Since 2003 improper payments by the feds have topped a trillion bucks
How many more years do we follow the steps of Greece as fiscally we self destruct?
125 billion dollars of overpayments by the feds in 2014 up by20 percent over 2013
Clearly, any accountability and financial controls have long left the fed fiscal scene
Shocking as the amount of this waste must be on the Blue side the need to spend continues to seduce
The head Blues would not want to use any curtailment of waste to the national debt reduce
But to spend any reductions in waste to expand federal spending coming out of the federal purse
To condemn us all here and the future to a growing wasteful spending curse
© October 2, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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