Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary Truth to Family and Foreign Leaders Lies to US

Hillary after 11 hours has left the witness seat with the pundits and media seeking their partisan seats
Lost in the fog and the deaths of 4 Americans is an admission that should any claim to her ability as a leader defeat
The buck stops here as Truman was quick to admit
Clinton’s leadership at State was worth about as much as a bucket of spit
600 plus requests for more security totally ignored
All while violent outbreaks in Libya continued to soar
She continued to lamely proclaim
Security concerns were not my job; I am not to blame
Creating the smokescreen of closing the consulate when more security was being asked
She failed, her deputies failed, time for the voters to put her to task
What reason and common sense really defies
No firing of her security personnel who more security denied
Worse these deputies who are still on the job
Have not been fired after 4 Americans’ lives were killed by mortars lobbed
Jordan hit the nail on the head
We as a country could accept that 4 Americans are dead
But when Clinton lied about the bogus video to the nation and the families of the dead
To aid in Obama’s reelection, this nation should her candidacy shed
The only record she can run on is that she is a female
Other than that her record is that of ineptness and one of a liar whose election should fail
If you want four more years of nontransparency, deception and Clinton Cash greed
Then vote for her and watch this nation domestically and in the world go further to seed
If not pray the Reds get their act together in the Congress and on the presidential campaign trail
So you can vote for the person who can unite this nation and its loss of standing and leadership curtail
© October 23, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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