Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Indentured Servitude

Another moment at a Starbucks to share
Coffee, internet, and place for exams to prepare and exams to prepare
A young woman seeking to climb the education ladder to success
To achieve a dream of becoming a marriage and family counselor to allay future clients’ stress
It is one of the last enduring vestiges of slavery or indentured servitude
Where the free market forces of wage competition cannot intrude
3000 hours of mentored on site work at a totally reduced rate
Justified by the need for theory and practice to mate
Nothing is more important than the preservation of the family unit however now defined
Counselors trained can in many cases help prevent man and wife from throwing up the their hands and from the struggles resign
Anyone who burdened with student debt is prepared to a rightful wage forego
To do the apprentice hours while trying to in experience in helping othersa  grow
Is a person to whom we should our gratitude and appreciation bestow
But here is an idea of fairness involving the mentors who keep the learners’ salaries far too low
For each dollar below a normal wage an apprentice is paid that goes into the mentor’s till
At least half should go into repaying that student’s college debt bill
A poet should not end the role of dispensing to this profession some hopeful advice
On how to mend the fences after the years have passed from the throwing of the rice
Communication of feelings is the key to opening doors and the removal of fences
Nothing is better than to convey feelings not in legalese prose but rather in an iambic sense
© October 20, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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