Friday, October 2, 2015

Obama's Roseburg Rush To Judgment

Roseburg was an absolute tragedy perpetrated by a man filled with hate
But before the bodies of nine innocents had even cooled, the President’s need to politicize the issue could not wait
Eager to this mass shooting tragedy politicize
And the NRA and the Reds demonize
We did not know even how many students were dead
Or how many had only been wounded instead
Shooter Christopher Harper Mercer’s name had not even been revealed
Not a word on how he had acquired the guns, the blood of the wounded barely congealed
Witnesses now claiming this mixed race shooter shot Christians in the head
If not Christians wounding them only in the legs instead
All we need to make this President look like a fool
Is to discover that somehow he was a “lone wolf” jihadist tool
But Obama had to rush to the podium and the power of the bully pulpit wield
To politicize the shooting and to the Americans’ shock and sorrow appeal
He solemnly looked into the cameras in Obama’s typical righteous rage
Belittling anyone who might doubt his opinion or that of all he is the most sage
Alleging adding more guns would not make American a safer place
Anyone questioning that belief should hang their head in disgrace
The facts are otherwise Mr. President which if you had waited to receive the facts
An unarmed college public safety officer with a revolver might have stopped the attack
An air force veteran was armed due to a permit carry concealed heat
300 yards and if not held back might have brought this gunman to defeat
A vet in the classroom did not hesitate and though unarmed tried to this shooter disarm
Failed and was shot five times but thank God escaped mortal harm
In violation of Oregon law the college president had declared the campus a gun free zone
About as much sense as throwing a cow into the Amazon to attract the felon piranha to strip it  to the bone
Typical Obama to play loose with the facts on shootings to his limits on gun ownership extol
Chicago and New York City have draconian laws against guns yet the black on black shootings are out of control
Obama challenged the media to the numbers of murders in mass killings track
Fine idea but he should have added the number of murders committed by blacks on blacks
Along with ala Kate Steinle the number of murders committed by illegal aliens especially those he has released or those deported who keep coming back
Along with the innocents killed by drug dealers awash in drugs due to a complete border security lack
He was right that maybe on mass shootings we have become numb
But his rush to the podium hours after the shooting was just plain dumb
© October 2, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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