Monday, October 19, 2015

Pastor Shoots Attacker During Service

Christ may have preached that Christians should turn their other cheek
Peace with thy neighbor is the highest goal a man should seek
But Christ did not live in Detroit which until this year led the nation in murder rates
A deadly brew of poverty, failed public education and drugs creating a violent lawless state
Even a place of worship is not a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from those seeking to kill
The news out of Detroit’s City of God church may send out a chill
Deante Smith posted on Facebook a claim that its pastor had impregnated his wife
Threatening that in retaliation he was going to bring a world of hurt on his life
Charging into a Sunday church service armed not with a gun or knife but a brick
Strange choice but used as a club smashing the head would do the fatal trick
But Deante Smith charging forward was in for a great shock
This pastor was not a helpless lamb but he was packing a Glock
No turning of his cheeks and four shots later Smith lay on the floor dead
Had he been unarmed it would have been his blood that would have been shed
A point given her Secret Service protection Hillary completely ignores

While she demonizes the NRA and gun ownership she continues to deplore.

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