Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blues Have Our Blood On Their Hands

Only two Blue senators can hold their heads up high
The rest of this feckless party has blood on their hands as more Americans in Sanctuary Cities will die
Feinstein a former mayor where Kate Stenle by the hands of an illegal multi-deported felon met death
In the arms of her father pleading don’t let me die took her last breath
Boxer an ideologue whose ranting and raving we soon will no longer endure
Like her blood on their hands colleagues should be covered in manure
Anarchy in our sanctuary cities thanks to the wishes of Blues like Boxer and  Feinstein
When it comes to protecting mere mortal Americans completely lacking any spine
Yet so quick to advance the case of gun control and from law abiding citizens a chance of protection to remove
Gavin Newsome running to replace Boxer on a soapbox to take away guns is one we should all disapprove
The way the Blues in the future believe they can continue to win
Is to continue to entice the illegals to keep coming in
Under Obama this country has gone to a fiscal and national security Hell in a hand basket
Enticing more and more illegals in means our democracy will be looking for a velvet casket
If Feinstein elects to run again and in public shows her face
Hecklers and protestors with Kate Stenle masks should be always in place
Blood on her hands; she another term does not deserve
Since she voted to install sanctuaries and in the Senate their continuation voted to preserve.
© October 20, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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