Saturday, October 3, 2015

Obama Silence On Umpqua Martyrs

Obama has become totally irrelevant almost like the last man chosen in the NFL draft
In foreign policy our allies from us flee and our foes scoff and laugh
The scam artist who sold us hope and change and promised to the nation unify
Has become the great politicizer and demonizer while the existence of radical Islam he denies
Christians at Roseburg were killed because their faith they affirmed
In Obama’s rush to the podium with little facts as to the shooting confirmed
Not a word about the victims and their faith only the need for more gun control
A typical knee jerk reaction to further his politicizing goals
After the podium rant the facts came in that Christians who so admitted were shot in the head
From this President any sense of outrage over killing Christians left in silence unsaid
Gun violence like what occurred in Roseburg is tragic and deserves the efforts of a nation to restrain
Calling for more gun control laws and demonizing the NRA will not derail this mass shooting train
This shooter slipped through the mental illness treatment cracks
He was not the first nor will he be the last to pull out a gun or knife and try to innocents attack
If this President wants to talk about fighting mass killings the treatment of mental illness/radicalization he must address
We need to identify the profiles of the typical ill shooters and means of treatment try to assess
Try to bring these potential shooters to undergo treatment before they act on their sickness and against innocents aggress
If we do not, as sure as the Sun will come up tomorrow, we will soon face another mass killing distress
If gun control is part of the debate the debate should focus why gun free zones at schools exist
If one wanted to with a gun raise havoc and kill one would go to a place where the victims would find it hard to resist
Had the one security officer person at Umpqua been armed lives could have been saved
Because of the chancellor’s edict nine innocents are awaiting far too early graves
Had the vet in the classroom been armed, instead of being shot seven times
He would have had a chance to have stopped this heinous crime
Just like the three brave Americans in the right car on a French train at the right time
The armed vet less than 300 yards away and who wanted to and could intervene
Unfortunately, college staff forced him stay away from shooting scene
Like sanctuary cities that are magnets to illegal alien killers like Francisco Sanchez to attract
Gun free zones at soft targets like schools are like chum spread on the water to urge sharks to attack
© October 3, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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