Thursday, October 22, 2015

Illegal Aliens In Sanctuaries Running Amok

Another violent illegal alien mug shot face
Another example of our judicial system incomplete disgrace
And why Kate’s Law must be immediately passed
Crimes by multi-deported illegals should leave us all of us aghast
Francisco Chavez an illegal with a rap sheet a mile long
The sort of illegal that in this country only in prison does belong
Has been deported yet slips back with ease and to SlO, a Sanctuary County Heads
Teams up with one sick girlfriend with a toddler to break her legs and arms and confine this two year old paralyzed to a hospital bed
ICE issues a detainer request before this thug’s hearing on bail
Hopefully a request that would have kept this thug in jail
The sheriff under the concept of sanctuary the request ignores
Chavez posts bail of ten grand and to no one’s surprise  does not come back through the courthouse door
Slips across the border back to Mexico to free from justice bide his time
Until he decides to slip back again to in another sanctuary commit more crimes
Chavez was not alone for in San Bernadino Jose Vawquez an illegal deported 8 times
With a rap sheet replete with numerous crimes
Felony hit and run that left another two year old toddler not maimed but dead
Found two weeks later, arrested but was granted bail instead
Not sure whether this thug will in his next court hearing appear
Based on past record good chance he will cross the border into Mexico and disappear
To like his fellow illegal Chavez bide his time
Until ready to slip back in to commit more crimes
Sanctuary cities are releasing 1000 arrested criminal illegals back on to our streets
When we should be not releasing but into our jails and prisons excrete
How many more murders, maimings, violent crimes before the Blues can no longer sleep?
Or with open eyes look in the mirror to their faces meet?
Passing Kate’s Law and defunding Sanctuaries should be the litmus test
Any Blue who fails then their seats the voters should divest
© October 22, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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