Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rolling Stones And Solar Impulse II

Icarus and The Rolling Stones
The Stones were on tour that ended in July and may have a new song
As a solar powered plane in flight tries to in the skies belong
“Get Off of My Cloud” is no longer Mick’s rallying cry
Solar Impulse II without any fuel soars slowly through the skies
Going where Icarus failed with his wings of wax
Thousands of cells to keep it aloft at 40 miles an hour max
It flies at night, flies during the day
Not even heavy clouds will force it to the laws of gravity obey
Through the clouds it will continue to soar
Across Europe, Asia  and the Pacific to land on Hawaiian shores
Mick’s now singing “Flying through my cloud
An Impulse simply now allowed”
For the weak at heart flying with only sun and batteries seems rash
Solar Impulse II defied the odds and did not falter or crash
But the Sun is like the passion and heat generated by the Stones at a concert show
The batteries were more like wax and suffered thermal damage and past Hawaii it could not go.
© October 10, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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