Friday, October 30, 2015

North Carolina Outlaws Sanctuaries

Finally, in North Carolina some sanity in legislation has returned
The state has passed legislation requiring its cities and counties to immigration laws no longer spurn
No more felons to be released as in San Francisco flatly refusing an ICE detainer request
No more Kate Steinles gunned down by an illegal released after his arrest
Contractors on public works will now have to immigration status for their workers verify
Not a citizen or not here legally with a green card don’t waste your time for a job to apply
Trump for all his bluster, faults and bombast
Has ignited the anger over illegal immigration that is growing and continues to last
As long as Obama in the White House remains
Any chance to secure the border by the feds will be flushed down the drain
More and more states under Red control need to ape North Carolina’s lead
Making it harder and harder for the feds to our sovereignty over our borders cede
Sadly, the state with the most illegals California is firmly in the hands of Pelosi like Blues
Firm in their belief that any attempt to control illegal immigration will receive a rejected view
 How many more Kates and Marilyns have to death far too early suffer
Before we act to make getting across the border and staying here a lot tougher
© October 30, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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