Thursday, October 22, 2015

Obama Vetoes Military Funding--Time For The Blues To Stand Up

The world is a more dangerous place than ever before
With Russia banging on Ukraine’s and the Baltic Republics’ door
Establishing a military base on Arctic shores
A growing Russian footprint in the Middle East that Obama continues to ignore
ISIS running wild, Iran licking its chops for the billions from the nuke “deal” it will receive
The Chinese building military islands in the South China Sea to the sea lanes block
A flood of refugees pouring into Europe largest since World War II with images all sense of humanity shock
While the world is going into Hell and a hand basket,
Flags should be flying at half mast, bagpipes flying and our shrinking military is placed in a casket
So what does our commander in chief do with a military appropriations bill awaiting his pen
He vetoes it and sends it back to Congress to do it over with more domestic spending  again
Not because enough spending for a military that continues to shrink
Not because the bill is drowning us in wasted red ink
No because not enough spending for domestic programs rife with fraud and waste
Why is it that only the left does not feel that in their wallets such fraud leaves a bad taste?
Shades of Valley Forge where a Continental Army shivered without food, fuel or pay
Obama the MIA CinC with his veto pen has stripped them of their ability to defend or to our enemies slay
The colors of the Continental Army included the colors of White and Blue
Disgrace that uniform by not voting against Obama’s veto and that is a vote you will forever rue
© October 22, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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