Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thin Khaki Line In Afghanistan

Thin Khaki Line Left In Afghanistan
Maybe, just maybe when it comes to foreign policy’ Obama is not as delusional as we have thought
A repeat of an Iraq withdrawal in Afghanistan is no longer by him being sought
Instead of the disaster in Iraq pulling out in a withdrawal complete
Some sanity to 10,000 staying behind to bolster training so the Taliban the Afghanis may defeat
Shades of the trip wire of the Berlin Brigade of 10,000 surrounded by a sea of Reds
Not the Republicans but the Soviets during the Cold War instead
Protected not by their tanks and guns
But the Soviet fear of MAD that caused them to rolling into West Berlin shun
We are asking a lot of these brave men and women to be on their own
With air and artillery support, medical services and logistics pared to the bone
Surrounded not by fellow Americans but Afghanis whose loyalties to us leave a bit to be desired
Is the Afghani soldier one is training ready to protect your back or your death and wounding to conspire?
One can only hope the Afghanis will view ISIS and the Taliban like the many foreign invaders to whom they would not yield
Ready to fight for their country and tribes and with our training become a respected shield.
If not, a typical Obama too little, too late
Surrounded  by jihadists wanting a martyr’s fate
If not these soldiers will be hung out to dry
Outnumbered, abandoned how many will die?
© October 15, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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