Saturday, October 24, 2015

Political Carnival On Benghazi?

If the Benghazi Hearing was a political carnival tent it was raised by the snake oil salesman in chief
Desperate to be reelected at any cost, desperate to obtain from his failed war on terrorism relief
The elixir became the video and Hillary knowing she had hung out Chris Stevens to dry
600 requests for extra security totally ignored and he and three others died
Radical Islam and Al Qaeda in Libya and the Middle East was on the rise
Not following Obama’s deception script that they were in fatal demise
No demonstrations outside the gates the day of the attack
Only detailed planning to put mortars one after another on a presited deadly track
She ran with the lie of the video to us and the families of the dead
But not to her daughter or the Egyptians as we were able to the transcripts read
Hillary’s tenure at State was a mere holding pattern to raise for the Clinton Foundation more cash
A holding pattern to keep her campaign aides employed and on the federal payroll stash
A holding pattern to exchange favors to all Bill be paid millions to speak
All under the cloud of a concealment of a private email to hinder disclosure the voters would seek
Not a single request for security from Stevens ever made her desk or so she claims
If true which is doubtful a winning bet would be her personal conversations to her staff that sending his pleas to her she should refrain.
The barkers in the carnival were the Blues who appeared to act as Hillary’s defensive shills
The hypocrisy of all wrapping themselves in complaining over the wasting of incurring a $5 million bill
Fortunately, this snake oil salesman will strike this tent in less than 500 days
Leaving behind a stifling mountain of debt that we will struggle for years to pay
And memories of the fact that he and Hillary lied
And Chris Stevens and three other Americans abandoned by Hillary died 
© October 24, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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