Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wiped Clean Obstructs Inquiry

No one can bat 1000 forever; no one can always a 300 game bowl
Not even the Clintons  can always achieve dodge another scandal goals
With each scandal dodge over their deceptive past
If not punished, credibility tarnished and more and more of us at their conduct are aghast
Under threat most likely that her server would be subject to an FBI raid
Hillary tries to pull off I am cooperating with the FBI charade
Wiped clean by some mom and pop internet server store
To try to end this growing scandal that even the main stream media will not ignore
Evidence 101 is that if you destroy evidence there is a  presumption of guilt
No wonder the support even among Blues is on a reversal tilt
This is the coverup that keeps getting worse
Due to her paranoia self inflicted curse
We now find that the Blackberries for her two loyal and highly paid aides
No longer exist, most likely destroyed and to the garbage dump conveyed
If the American people on destroyed cell phones could Roger Goodell ape
Think of Hillary as Brady instead of games a four year suspension from office be her fate
Meanwhile the drip continues to the Reds’ joy and the Blues’ political dismay
As long as she stays in any chance of meaningful discussion of the issues fades away
She should retire from the race while she still has some dignity even though in tatters
Become a grandmother as opposed to the poster child of why truth and honesty with the American public really does matter
© August 20, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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