Saturday, August 8, 2015

Marilyn Pharis Dead In Santa Maria At Hands Of Illegal Alien

Martinez Ramirez is a chilling mug shot of a poster child
Of an immigration policy of this Administration run amok, running wild
An open border for felons and drugs
Islands of sanctuaries to provide safety for illegal alien thugs
Under Obama’s desire to provide amnesty and attract more illegals though a porous border door
The only crime that would merit a detainer request is a body lying in rigor mortis on the floor
Marilyn Pharis was a 64 year old vet living in another sanctuary city
Raped, tortured, and killed by an illegal alien and his Mexican sidekick without compassion or pity
A long rap sheet, a meth head, on probation but in violation scamming the system with bogus rehab
A bloody trail to Obama and ICE and Marilyn Pharis’ family at her funeral will pick up the tab
A bloody trail to the courtroom of a misguided judicial fool
A felony assault to a misdemeanor should be a trip to the nonre-election corner dunce stool
Anarchy in Santa Maria and every other misguided cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws needs to end
Even if hard to convince such cities when the nation’s top leader is at the forefront of ignore the immigration laws trend.
Time to use the Red majorities to authorize a construction of a border wall
Time to use the Red majorities to defund sanctuaries with their illegals that rape, kill and maul
Time to use the Red majorities to Kate’s law immediately pass while the memory of her death is vivid
While Americans over illegal immigration are rightfully livid.
© August 8, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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