Thursday, August 27, 2015

Austrian Truck Filled With Serbian Immigrant Bodies

When it comes to depravity, Mexican coyotes lead the list
Smuggling illegal aliens into the U.S. under conditions that make their death hard to resist
Making thousands per head with for their well being a callous disregard
Once the money is in a coyote’s hands at any side of trouble time to the illegals discard
Hiring coyotes to the border of the U.S. cross
Gambling on the end of life or limb dice to toss
We now find out what all should suspect
Not just Mexican coyotes that the laws of humanity reject
News today of on an Austrian highway leading  from Hungary a really gruesome find
An abandoned Hungarian truck with 20-50 bodies with the stench to sicken one’s mind
Around the world from Syria to Macedonia to Libya, refugees are on the move
While target nations in a catch-up mode trying their border security to improve
The Hungarians following the lead of Donald Trump are scrambling to build a border fence
Against a flood of Serbians flooding the border a desperate first line of defense
Natural barriers like oceans, deserts, rivers or mountains do not deter the onrushing, incoming immigrant tide
Until their economies and safety improves or terror or civil war ends or subsides
More likely than not a few strands of Hungarian barbed wire will not stop this flood tide
Any more than the Hellespont would to Xerxes’ commands to recede abide
© August 27, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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