Saturday, August 8, 2015

Megyn Trumps Trump

Politics may be a marathon race
Early leaders to tire and fall on their face
In running marathons there is often a rabbit to set an unsustainable pace
Those foolish enough to follow see their endurance effaced
Trump may be the rabbit who on illegal immigration has awakened a responsive chord
An early lead in the polls on this issue was his reward
But now the tortoise of reason is gaining ground
Trump’s outburst against a fair and balanced icon totally unsound
This poet’s nom de plum of Alaskanpoet is for real
Growing up in Alaska was the real deal
Women outnumbered by men but in that land totally precious jewels
Total equals, total partners; believe that not and a man was a fool
Megyn asked a question that if Hillary somehow her scandals dodge
Know that a war of women against the Reds she will most certainly lodge
Trump came off as angry idiot that should be fired
Imploding and exploding with lack of substance the voters will soon tire
Like Goldwater take the Reds onto a funeral pyre
Into a never ending entitlement mire
But with his threat to reduce his death tax estate by a third party misguided run
His appearance in Georgia still I would have not shunned
Give him a mike as he will ultimately implode
But to his credit an awareness of illegals to hit the proverbial Jack road
We need to quickly build and dedicate to his credit Trump’s Wall
Like Hadrian and the Great One invasions now and in the future to forestall                                               © August 8, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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