Thursday, August 27, 2015

Desperate Hillary Compares Reds As Islamic Terrorists Against Women

Hillary’s popularity continues to drop like a hot rock
Increased perception of her being a liar should come as no shock
Dishonest becoming more and more not perception but a growing fact
Now with the FBI probe more and more Blues think it’s time for them to her candidacy sack
Putting classified material in a server in a bathroom shows her lack of judgment complete
Give me a break, toilet paper as a firewall is a classic example of her judgment in full retreat
This is a woman who is complete panic mode of her drop in the polls
That and the FBI investigation pushing her further and further from her election goal
Trump is a blunt speaking outsider and for some his bombast may seem over the top
But he is on the rise like Sanders and Biden while Hillary continues to drop
Hillary comparing Reds as terrorists against women is so far over the top it vaults into the slime of disgust
Probably not much of a surprise as her former boss who cannot speak the words “Radical Islam”
Was so quick to attack as terrorist those Reds who believe his secret deal is a guarantee for Iran to achieve nuclear bombs.
Last time I looked no Red has advocated selling women into slavery, genital mutilation, beheading or any acts totally unjust
Her campaign is the theater of the absurd with her scandals and possible criminal activity growing each day
Incompetence, dishonesty, lack of credibility, and total disregard of the laws we mere mortals have to obey
© August 27, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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