Monday, August 31, 2015

Use Words Not Politically Correct At WSU And Fail

It is unbelievable but at a campus on the Palouse
Political correctness in an academic environment has been set loose
In Cougar land to get a passing grade you cannot use “male” or “female”
Use the term “illegal alien” and you are guaranteed to gail
God help you if you are white and to minorities do not defer
Complete abdication and slavery to the PC lure
At a Westminster College in 1946 Winston Churchill warned that an Iron Curtain had on Europe descended
Movement of people and ideas cut off from the West in a most chilling trend
Today another curtain has descended across the college campuses across this land
The curtain of political correctness causes any academic discourse continues to be banned
At Washington State Prof Selena Breikss teaches a class
Guaranteed to add to a student’s debt with a job destination path
Does “Women in Popular Culture” prepare a student for a career?
What a joke; worse it is a tuition fraud all parents should fear
At least WSU in this idiocy is not alone
Look to UNC at Chapel Hill to enter another PC zone
Freshmen can take a course called The Literature of 911 from terrorists’ view
Blaming the U.S. for the attacks as young minds the professor tries to woe
Dime against a dollar this prof Neel Abuja will fail any student who disagrees that for 911 we are to blame
When on our college campuses do we a sense of sanity reclaim
© August 31, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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