Sunday, August 16, 2015

Four Walls To Build One To Destroy

We all know that a wall or fence protects, but a home it does not build
For that we need more than building skills, we need political will
And a leader who will actually enforce the laws
Not pick and chose which for a democracy is an imperial fatal flaw
If we are serious about the need
To illegal immigration impede
After the construction of what should be called Trump’s wall
The first one to the flood of illegals block and stall
We need to build three more sturdy walls
The first one is to end for illegal aliens’ access to the welfare and benefits mall
No more licenses, food stamps, welfare and except in needs of community health no free medical care
The second is a wall around the payroll office to payments to illegals impair
The third wall may be easier to enforce and implement
No money by illegal aliens may be back to their home country be sent
Build four walls but also tear an existing one down
No more sanctuary cities, no more sanctuary towns
Not one more Kate Steinle or Marilyn Pharis with their lives cut short
Then and only then can we start to figure how to the issues beginn to sort
To figure out what skills from abroad to increase our competiveness we will need
What capital coming in for new business and technology to seed
With a border reasonably secure and a rational policy to needed immigrants admit
We can address what must be done for the assimilation of those already here but needed permit
© August 16, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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