Monday, August 31, 2015

Jorge Ramos: Kate's Law's Unfair--Tell That Survivors of Ms. Steinle and Ms. Pharis

Jorge Ramos is a journalist only in name
He is a rabid advocate of open borders with no shame
Attacking Kate’s Law as to repeat illegal aliens crossing our borders as being unfair
A view the survivors of Kate Steinle and Marilyn Pharis and most Americans respecting laws do not share
If Jorge Ramos reads the news he will find news of an L.A. illegal alien sweep
Highlighting why Trump expresses views on illegals most Americans find easy to keep
244 illegals in four days nabbed
Here is the statistic that really should your attention grab
All had criminal records and over 56 percent had prior felony convictions
All deported but our porous nonborder failed in their return interdiction
Kudos to ICE for the raid but like the gnat strikes against ISIS in Iraq
A mere drop in the bucket from an administration  with a commitment to immigration law enforcement sorely  lacks
Four walls are needed to make this county become a secure home
A wall at the border, a wall around the government benefits offices, a wall around those to illegals writing checks
A wall around wire transfers of funds back home and this nation illegals will no longer select
No jobs, no money back to their native lands and no feeding at the public trough
Up the ante of an illegal entry after a deportation of five years and watch the flood of illegals really fall off
With the border secure we can address what is good for this nation, the legal immigrants with skills we need
No more pandering to the Jorge Ramos’ of the world or the Blues’ Latino vote greed
© August 31, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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