Wednesday, August 12, 2015

American Eagles Against Drones

When it comes to protecting the White House from drones landing on its lawn
The Secret Service’s reputation of an elite protective force seems to be a put-on
When it comes to fence jumpers stop
The Secret Service looks more like the latest version of the Keystone Kops
A low tech solution of raising the height of the fence
Looks like it will be an acceptable defense
The drones may be a harder nut to crack
God help the President if a drone is with explosives loaded coming into attack
Here is an idea on how to the White House protect
Not surprisingly it eschews expensive esoteric solutions from high tech
We all know that eagles can knock down  birds from the sky
Or swoop down and snatch large salmon from the ocean on the fly
Go back in time and trained falcons perched on a hunter’s you will find
Launched into the air to bring down prey from the front or from behind
If falcons can be trained, their cousins the eagles can’t be a mental slouch
Can you imagine the images of Secret Service on patrol with eagles in an attack ready crouch
If you think this idea is farfetched think anew
Watch the video of the knocking down a drone coming into an eagle’s view
What better image to the reputation of the Secret Service resurrect
Than our county’s symbol on Secret Service perches to our President protect
© August 12, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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