Friday, August 28, 2015

Michelle's Diet Tossed Into The Trash

It should come as no surprise to any parent that fruits and vegetables for young kids end up in the trash
Federal micromanagement of the federal school lunch program wasting a lot of taxpayer cash
Michelle Obama has been in the forefront of healthy eating to extol
Fruits, vegetables, low fat meats and grains whole
But if the kids will not eat what the feds demand the schools serve
Here is an idea that might our tax dollars conserve
The feds have absolutely no business enforcing menus for kids
Especially when the selections from the trays the children quickly rid
A better way would be to give parents the cash and let them buy what goes into their kids’ lunch sacks
From memories of school days at lunch I could hardly wait to it unpack
Sometimes very rarely my mother would select something from a taste standpoint did not belong
But there was always a great chance to trade the item to make the lunch right by trading the wrong
But if the feds insists on being the overreaching diet big brother
And parents’ rights in food choices completely smother
Do what my parents watching their budget used to me always state
“Eat your vegetables in you want to see some meat and desert on your plate
Food is too precious you my son to never, ever waste
Think of the starving kids in India who do not have enough food to even taste!”
© August 28, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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