Saturday, August 29, 2015

Solyndra Executives Defraud DOE But Holder Refused To Prosecute Obama's Cronies

The crony capitalists linked to Obama like those who gave us the Solyndra mess
After hearing Hillary promising 500 million solar panels  their ecstasy must be hard to repress
Her campaign is mired in scandal and complete lack of interest
Media focus on her dishonesty she is desperate to arrest
What better way to get the media to potential criminal activity ignore
While she still has a podium as opposed to interviews outside a courtroom door
Throw the two punch combo of the war on women and war on fossil fuels
While bobbing and weaving with it’s old news, let’s move on Clinton playbook tools
Obama has spent billions to fossil fuels generating electricity replace
Yet after all these billions to Obama’s allies replacement has been a slower than a snail’s pace
After over five years alternative energy sources to generate our electric juice
Only a one percentage point increase in a program plagued by waste, fraud and abuse
The fed bureaucrats could not pick a winner if there was only one entrant in the business
Allowing the DOE to pick and choose based on support of Obama is a complete and utter disgrace
We know find that the executives of Solyndra repeatedly lied and deceived
The DOE to get a $535 million loan guarantee
2.2 billion sales of solar panels that simply did not exist
But with Holder head not of the DOJ but the DOPO  prosecution of these felons he would resist
Was the $535 million fraud too small, was the evidence of fraud really that weak?
Or could prosecution not be brought while a second term Obama was trying to seek?
DOPO’s marching orders contain but one and only one goal
To protect Obama from any scandal even if it means to sell the integrity of the DOJ’s
The DOPO anagram does not mean the lawyers of the DOJ are stupid or dumb
They are from the finest law schools alums
No it means Department of Protecting Obama
No matter the scandal, no matter the fiscal trauma
Holder did his job well for DOPO but the DOJ’s impartiality and integrity is in tatters
Once again thanks to Holder, the foundations of our republic have been battered.
© August 29, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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