Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mushroom Clouds Deja Vu

Shades of 1964 and the attack ad that sent the Goldwater candidacy to a landslide grave
Hit by the images of him as a war monger that swept him away in a voter fear tidal wave
A little girl picking the petals of a daisy with he loves me, he loves me not chant as the camera peers into her eyes
The retina now exposed disappears as a mushroom cloud slowly rises into the sky
Followed by a message across the screen to vote for LBJ
On the Iran nuclear deal we now see another attack ad replay
Linked not to a flower a sign of peaceful intent
But with Iran a much more realistic content
A boy and a girl playing hide and seek with girl racing to find a hiding spot ideal
While the boy counts down from ten with eyes covered hoping her spot his eyes will reveal
At zero his hands fall to his eyes uncover
Turns to try to the girl discover
In an instant his faith in Obama’s assurance sour
As the TV screen dissolves under a mushroom cloud’s power
With the screen shifting to the Iran leader’s fanatic face
Slogans that we words are good but we need the tools to wipe out the American race
The emotions against this deal are running raw
Obama and his minions are in panic mode grasping straws
Kerry tossed out today a ridiculous claim that if Congress the deal rejects
The dollar would sink and as a world currency the world would it no longer select
Mushroom cloud attack ads may cause Congressional rejection to prevail
A partial result of Obama’s treating us and Congress like mushrooms—darkness and manure, a sure way for him to fail
© August 12, 2015, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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