Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thanksgving Is a Time For Thanks and a Time For Giving


One of the powers a president has is the power to pardons grant
Usually before he leaves office to escape any soft on criminal rants
Harry S. Truman was the first president to receive a Turkey for Thanksgiving Day
In 1948 he issued not a pardon but only until Christmas dinner a stay
President George H.W. Bush on November 17, 1989 started the tradition
Of granting a full pardon to a pair of turkeys to escape the oven perdition
Since then the pardon is a well press covered event
Two lucky turkeys back to a farm for the rest of their lives sent
This year on November 20, Liberty at 42.5 pounds and at 42.1 pounds Bell
Were the lucky birds who would live another year doing quite well

Only in America this cornucopia of plenty where on Thanksgiving millions a feast enjoy
Where celebrities and politicians volunteer at food lines are deployed
To in food lines to the less fortunate a sumptuous meal serve
Then off to their banquet tables of never ending dishes they after serving they feel they now deserve
And for those at the food lines and missions with the empty stomachs now sated
Already the worries of finding enough to eat in coming days now await
The Hunger Games were only a movie but hunger in this nation is very real
With inflation making it harder than ever to many to find a complete meal
Hunger in children is a barricade to be able to open the achievement door
It is a stain that this great nation to remain the city of lights on a hill must not ignore
Thanksgiving is the only bookend holiday we celebrate
On one end to give thanks for the food and fortune heaped on our plates
And on the other to give time and money to hunger abate
Not right for millions with barely enough calories to survive
While millions upon millions more only concern is what diet to fight obesity to revive
If you only gave thanks and missed the giving
God on such absence can be forgiving
Instead of on Black Friday maxing out your credit cards for purchases you barely need
Seeing a Salvation Army Bell Ringer his or her message seeking help try to heed
We are by nature a generous nation and giving to the less fortunate may help close the growing partisan divide that will destroy this nation
Reaching out to help someone in need hanging on by a slender thread is a proven way to find inner peace and salvation
Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving and to our two lucky fowl— Liberty and Bell
Enjoy your reprieve on the farm and we wish them both well
© November 23, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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