Saturday, November 18, 2023

As Funds Migrants Swamp NYC the Mayor Is Cutting Police and Calling on the Rich to Donate to Funding Illegals


It seems like only yesterday when NYC Mayor Adams  was welcoming illegals to his city
with open arms
Now as the costs of illegals to sanctuary cities going through the roof he is raising all manner of fiscal alarms
On TV with the proverbial hat in hand
Pleading the costs of feeding, sheltering and social services the city cannot withstand
Claims that it is not fair or just for the cost burdens to on NYC only fall
This is a federal and state problem yet they have the gall
Not to be sending billions to the illegal’s needs sate
Oblivious to the fact that what is needed are funds to close the gates
As long as for illegals there are free goodies a mile long
And they can claim persecution or fear thereof until a hearing they belong
And when after years they receive a notice on their bogus claim to appear
Knowing they will most likely lose and thanks to the left with driver’s licenses and ability to work, they disappear
The only funds that should be spent on illegals are those to crossings prevent
And funds to locate illegals in the interior to have them back to their homes sent
Adams is cutting police in a city overrun with crime
Calling on the rich in NYC to give to favor illegals over residents as the new paradigm
If Biden and his Puppet Handlers continue to the open border ignore
Urban Blues fed up with the collapse of the quality of life will join Reds and vote Blue no more

© 11/18/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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