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November 24, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not Ri


             On the Hamas Israeli War front, the first day of the 4 day cease fire unlike so many in the past is holding and at the Rafah Crossing at the Egyptian border the Red Cross delivered 13 Israelis, 10 Thais and 1 Filipino with some consideration by Israel for extending the cease fire for another day in exchange for 10 more hostages. Do not be surprised that the MSM and the antisemitic zealots heap all manner of praise on Hamas while continuing to lambast Israel for its “wanton” disregard of Palestinian lives. With 200 + hostages still in captivity and  Hamas not destroyed what happens when the cease fire expires and with a ceasefire in place is the urgency for the military aid to Israel relegated to the back burner.
             On Thanksgiving Day, the pro-Palestinian, antisemitics protestors were on the streets of NYC trying to disrupt the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade by coating themselves with fake blood and then gluing themselves to the streets prompting their removal and loud and long choruses of boos. The protest makes about as much sense as the climate change warriors defacing classic works of art.
              On the TG front of men identifying as women and wanting to play with women, Riley Gaines remains in the forefront of confronting that trend arguing that if male transgenders are allowed to compete, the women should not dive into the pool when the whistle blows but remain standing on their starting blocks and let the transgender swim alone in the pool.
           On the be careful what you eat front if you from T-Day Staples Stray, a $1 burrito meal at Northwestern University is suspected of being the cause or a norovirus outbreak.
            On the was it a terrorist attack front?, police have identified the two who crashed into the median at the Rainbow Bridge Crossing near Niagara Falls
as Kurt P. Villani, 53, and Monica Villani, 53, of Grand Island, New York but have not come to any conclusion whether the fiery collision was terrorist motivated.
             On the cramming the Green New Deal down resisting Americans’ throats like his relentless attempts to ignore SCOTUS’s ruling that Biden’s student debt forgiveness is illegal and his frustrated attempt to ban gas ranges and stoves, Biden’s proclivity for playing Whack-A-Mo is alive and well as his minions have unearthed wartime procedures to aid in the production of electric heat pumps to replace gas heaters ignoring the fact that with the planned shutdown of some coal fired power plants in the Northeast, there is a real risk of rolling blackouts leaving homes warmed by electric power unhealthy, frigid abodes this winter.
            Thanksgiving may have been a day to OD on tryptophan but it was also a day of NFL football with the 49’ers crushing the Seahawks, 31-13, the Packers beating the Lions 29-22 and the Cowboys who have been playing on T-Day for many years crushing the Commanders who looked more like a bunch of PFC’s 45-10 but the real star of the game was 77 year old Dolly Parton dressed as a Dallas cheerleader belting out some of her famous hits. Today, on Black Friday a day which retailers sale prices are a powerful magnet luring in shoppers, for the first time in NFL history a NFL football game will be played between the Dolphins and the Jets.  
           On the sanctuary city illegal aliens coming home to roost, Blue run cities in colder climes of this nation are facing a real nightmare of thousands of illegals pouring into their cities with no places to shelter them and little if any funds to feed, clothe and provided basic social safety net services to them as the border remains literally wide open thanks to Biden’s disastrous policies.
            On blatant hypocrisy of our out of touch Blue leaders like the Word Salad Queen Kamala Harris, the Happy Thanksgiving Greetings sent by her and her second husband show them in their kitchen next to a gas range that Biden is pedal to the metal trying to ban for Americans—“onerous Green New Deal Policies that throw you under the bus are only for you but in no way for us.”
           On the political censorship front, Actor John Leguizamo must believe that Hispanics are not smart enough to hear non Blue positions on issues as in an extended over the top rant blasted  Univision’s The Daily Show for having the audacity of interviewing former President Donald Trump.
             November 24 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: Black Friday: This holiday marks the Holy Grail for retailers as it marks the day when all losses incurred prior to this date are wiped out and the businesses have climbed back into the land of black ink. Given the number of brawls and stampedes that have occurred on this day in the past, it might better be called “Black and Blue Friday.”
              Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is “birl” which means to walk on a log to make it spins and if during a contest the spinning to  throw a log spinner into the water.
              Song of the Day: Leaving the number 1 songs  on this day in 1940’s to come back to the number song in 2023 in the U.S.A.  was as “Long Night”  by  Morgan Wallen on a run of 16 weeks noncontinuous to share number 1 status with 15 other songs, 10 which were incurred by artists, including Morgan Wallen for the first time. Here is a recording with lyrics of Morgan Wallen performing “Long Night”:     

              November 24 Birthdays: “Let’s Roll”—
celebrating the birth on this day in 1968 of Todd Beamer born in Flint, Michigan who was a top account manager for Wilson Sporting Goods who had just returned on the 10th with his pregnant wife from a 5 day trip to Italy he had been awarded for performance  and who delayed his scheduled business trip to California the evening with his wife, departing on UA Flight 93 the next morning from Newark, which was hijacked shortly after departure. After being herded to the back of the plane and from phone calls to loved ones having  learned was happening in NYC and the Pentagon and noting the plane had turned around and was heading back East, he and his other passengers and flight attendants managed to breach the cockpit door and tried unsuccessfully to retake the plane which crashed, killing all, in a field near Sharpsville, Pennsylvania but saving the lives of those in the hijackers’ intended target, the Capitol or White House. His last words heard on a cell phone monitored by GTE Supervisor and several FBI Agents were he and with Jefferson and others reciting the Lord’s Prayer and 23rd Psalm followed by “If I don’t make it, please call my family and let them know how much I love them” followed by his clear response to muffled voices, "Are you ready? Okay. Let’s roll.”                              

                November 24 Historical Events in Rhyme
                1.      In the afternoon of this day in 2024, some 40 terrorist gunmen attacked the al-Radwa mosque in the Sinai/after the gun smoke and grenade bursts had cleared, 128 were wounded and 311, including 26 children had died/2 minutes after the prayers began, kneeling and facing Mecca most were shot in the head/Any myths that Islam is a religion of peace were forever shed/No terrorist group had the courage to take credit for the killings/Even in the Muslim world the innocents to fight terror must be alert and willing. 
                2.      On this day in 1989 after a week of expanding  protests/after decades of Communist rule that failed all improvement of living standards and personal freedoms tests/with the Warsaw Pact Nations crumbling under Communist rule/Communist Party General Secretary Miloš Jakeš realized his Communist Party no longer had the suppression tools/He and the entire Politburo then resigned /4 days later Czechoslovakia was no longer a one party Communist state defined.
                3.      On this day in 1974 Donald Johanson and Tom Gray discovered 40% of a fossilized skeleton of Australopithecus afarensis  in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia’s Afar Depression/Who walked the Earth some 2.9 to 3.2 million years ago as a homo sapiens ancestor leaving her footprint impression/Although fragments of skeletons had earlier been found/The completeness of this skeletons would paleontologists astound/No wonder she was nicknamed Lucy after the Beatles’ song/Truly a jewel of knowledge of the homo sapiens’ that clearly belongs.
               4.      On this day in 1971  Northwest Airlines Flight 305 727 with a rear ramp exit after taking off from Portland to Seattle was hijacked by a passenger forever to be known as “D.B. Cooper” who informed the crew he had 4 bombs aboard the plane and demanded $200,000 in ransom and 4 parachutes. The plane landed in Seattle, $200,000 and 4 parachutes were brought aboard and the passengers departed and the plane took off heading south. Cooper instructed the crew to lower the exit ramp, slow the plane down after which he walked down the rear ramp and parachuted into the dark night never to be seen again or properly identified although a small portion of the ransom money  was discovered along the banks of the Columbia River in 1980. The FBI closed its investigation in 2016 and it remains the only unsolved case of air piracy although the smart bet is that “Cooper” died after his exit by landing in the Columbia River and being swept out into the Pacific Ocean and ultimately consumed as fish fool. In a classic example of the barn door being finally closed after all the horses had fled, the 727 ramp was modified such that it could not be opened while the plane was in flight in the air.

 5.      On this day in the basement of a Dallas PD station in 1963/Jack Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald in the stomach on live national TV/Ironically the Dallas PD claimed to be moving him to a more secured jail place/A Pulitzer Prize winning photo shows Oswald’s painful grimace on this face/Ruby was defended by noted criminal defense lawyer Marvin Belli but was convicted and a death sentence received/Only to have the conviction overturned and a new trial to achieve/2 weeks before the retrial he was diagnosed with his lung having the dreaded “Big C”/S thereafter before his retrial a pulmonary embolism ended his mortality.                                               

                  Quotes by Hugh Aynesworth, noted author and journalist who was in Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination and a noted critic of conspiracy theories concerning JFK’s assassination: “"We can't accept very comfortably that two nobodies, two nothings - Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby - were able to change the course of world history."
                 Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and Jack Ruby was in no way connected with him. Moreover, and contrary to what you have heard or read or believe, there is nothing anywhere—no assertion, no alleged proof—that conclusively indicates otherwise.”
                “I have never disputed the possibility of a conspiracy, or conspiracies, behind the Kennedy assassination. Do not doubt that’s a story I would love to break. However the proof of such a plot continues to elude us. Like it or not, that leaves us with the record as it stands.”

November 24, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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