Saturday, November 18, 2023

Hamas Barbarity Starting to Fade as We Are Lulled by From the Rivers to the Seas Palestinians Will Be Free From Hamas Demands For Genocide


The song for liberation of Palestine is such a catchy tune
That listeners find it easy to ignore the impending ruin
October 7th showed that from tunnels Hamas came out of the ground
Like biblical locusts to kill, rape, kidnap and torture any humans found
Turning a music festival into the killing fields
Often filming and praising for family and Paradise seekers the deaths their barbarity would yield
Then like a horde of army ants back to the safety of Gaza and the tunnels flee
250 terrified concert goers when the music died now hostages of savages who have killed in manners so beastly
Imagine the terror of hearing the Israeli jets dropping lethality from the sky
As more and more collateral damage when would their captors rule it’s time for them to die
And to the civilized world with its proclivity of antisemitic intent
The images of Hamas barbarity fade replaced by Gazan deaths the IDF trying so hard to prevent
And worse the clamor for a ceasefire to allow Hamas to reequip and more lethality into Israel soon to have sent
When the misguided students and leftists wave their Palestine flags
And chant “From the Rivers to the Seas Palestinians will be free” so support for Israel lags
The should be forced to the missing verses hear
“Only after all Jews in Palestine have been killed or forced to disappear”
“Never Again” must be humanity’s  creed
We  must never allow the germination of any Genocide seeds

© 11/18/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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