Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Blue Rep Vasquez Intones Texas Stretch of Razor Is Unconstitutional and Un-American And Demands Removal


Texas installed miles of razor wire fence on the border near Eagle Pass
Frustrated by Biden Administration being MIA as the numbers of illegal alien records continued to surpass
CBP probably from orders from above raised a section above the ground to allow illegals to then walk through
Texas then to stop the impairment of the fence sued
A District Court ruled in their favor and issued a TRO
Blues were outraged the fence would stop the flow
"This barrier is both un-American and unconstitutional and needs to be removed immediately. ”Rep Vasquez intoned
Mistakenly believes you have a nation when security at the border is totally blown
What's unconstitutional is that Bided has refused to enforce the law
He and Mayorkas lied again and again that the border is secure when daily TV images expose that flaw
Barrier must not be removed but its length needs to expand
Need to stop the flow of 6 million illegals and getaways Biden has allowed into this land
We are a beacon for those seeking asylum from persecution, genocide and war
But poverty cannot justify asylum for if it did the lifeboat would flounder with1-2 billion pounding at our doors
If more and more Hispanics continue to vote Red
He and his fellow Blues would support for an open border quickly shed

October 30,2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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