Wednesday, November 8, 2023

November 8, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


              On the Hamas Israel political front It looks like the Blues are getting fed up with Tlaib’s genocidal rants against Israel disguised as pro-Palestinian  2 states position as the Blues failed to table the censure resolution against her and the House voted to censure her for calling for the eradication of Israel with 22 Blues joining 222 Reds in favor of the move (unfortunately this zealot is so biased the censure woo be like water rolling off a duck’s back unless the Speaker of the House strips her of all committee assignments and the DNC targets her in a primary. In a despicable example of how polarized this nation has become corrupting even its Public Defender System, in NYC Deputy Public Defender Victoria Ruiz was caught tearing down posters of hostages being held by Hamas and when a startled bystander in amazement asked her why repeatedly and she just walked away; fortunately caught on camera and recognized she resigned when she should have been fired. If Hamas thought their brutal attack on Israel and the monsoon of rockets coupled with a widespread rise around the world and this nation would cause Jews to cower they missed the boat, a Jews are doubling down on their fate and buying guns like there is no tomorrow.
             On the 2023 election front, Blue Incumbent Governor Beshear retained his seat against a surging AG Cameron with some Reds now grumbling that former UN Ambassador Kelly would have been a more formidable candidate than Cameron who was endorsed by Trump to win the Red Primary. Mississippi may have loved Elvis Presley but not enough for his cousin Brandon Presley who lost by over 36,000 votes to the incumbent governor Reaves. Adam Schiff running to be elected to serve Dianne Feinstein’s remaining term is getting heat for having his primary residence in Maryland not California and in a prime example of identity politics running amok, in a Washington Post Op by Steven Phillips urged Schiff and Porter to drop out of their Senate race to allow black Representative Lee to win the race.
             On the Hamas Israel War front the IDF has confirmed they are in the heart of Gaza City tightening the noose and that most senior official of Hamas, Yahya Sinwar, is isolated in his bunker and probably counting his last days on the planet.
              On the bloated bureaucracy front, the House outraged over Pete Buttigieg’s ineptness and flagrant use of private jets have reduced his salary to $1 per year.
               On the bankruptcy front We Work which once had a market cap of $47 billion has filed for Chapter XI bankruptcy.
             On the Trump civil fraud case in New York after Trump testified and he and   a Judge Arthur Engoron sparred with each other luck for Trump’s team to file for a mistrial as it appears to many that the Democrat elected judge had already made up his mind before one shred of evidence has been presented and the judge should have recused himself.
             On beginning of robotics taking over from humans, the Polish rum and spirits company Dictador has appointed a robot name Mika  fully powered by AI as its new CEO causing us to wonder whether like the boycotts of Bud Light due to its partnership with TG Ryan Mulvaney rum drinkers worried about being replaced by robots will boycott the brand.
              On Hamas Israel War Propaganda front biased MSNBC host Katy Tur was blasting former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for the failure to accede to a cease fire, when he pointed out Israeli ceded Gaza to the PLO only to have the Gazans vote for Hamas who have held no elections and have lobbed far too many rockets into Israel. It defies the imagination to think Israel can be expected to pause their killing of Hamas when their marching song of “From the Rivers to the sea, Palestine will be free” if the hidden lyrics surface intones “When and only when all Israelis have been killed in a Hamas killing spree.” In the U.S. in Ventura County a 62 year old pro Israel supporter was pushed  backward by a pro-Palestinian protestor to strike his head on the concrete and died. In Indianapolis 34 year old Ruba Almaghtheh, thinking a building housed a Jewish school drove into it trying to injure the people inside.
             On the life expectancy of Hamas leaders om Gaza their life expectancy is getting shorter each day as the IDF announced the death of Wael Asefa, Commander of Hamas' Deir al-Batah Battalion who was a key planner of the October 7 attacks.
             On the ceasefire front if the pro-Palestinians protestors wanted to reduce the amount Palestinian civilian casualties they would condition it on the release of all Hamas hostages which if Hamas, in order to force these terrorist rats out of their tunnel, the IDF could flood the tunnels forcing Hamas terrorists to come to the surface where they could be killed quickly or stay below and die by drowning.
             November 7, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: National Retinol Day: Created on  October 25, 2021 by RoC® Skincare and celebrated on this day since 2021 to promote the use of retinol in skin care products as an effective anti-aging agent.
              Word of the Day: The word of the day as we continue with words starting with “b” is  “benthic” which means of, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean which sadly the occupants of the tourist submersible Titan found to their horror a deadly place as their submersible imploded en route to the Titanic on the bottom of the Atlantic seabed.  
              Song of the Day: The number 1 song on this day in 1945 was “Till the End of Time”  by Perry Como and Russ Case and His Orchestra  on a run of 10 weeks the last week of which to share number 1 status with  Chickery Chick” by Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye with Nancy Norman, Billy Williams and the Kaye Choir  with 8  other songs achieving number 1 ranking. Here is a recording of Perry Como and Russ Case and His Orchestra performing “Till the End of Time”:
               November 7 Birthdays: “Shorten the Name For Artistic Fame”-Celebrating the birthday of Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor better known to her fans as Lorde, born on this day in 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand  to become a well acclaimed singer songwriter with 3 albums and 3 tours under her belt.  
               November 7 Historical Events in Rhyme
                1.      On this day in 2000 The federal DEA always on the lookout to drug traffickers to nab/Found in an abandoned ICBM site in Wamego, Kansas a very  large LSD lab/One would think when a silo was put into a  mothball class/The Air Force would have secured it from squatters if the mothball status would not forever last.  
                2.      On this day in 1991 Magic Johnson announced he was infected with HIV and announced his retirement/But despite objections from some players over infection played and was named MVP in the 1992 All-Star Event/Followed by his being a member of the 1992 Olympics Dream Team/Went undefeated to win the Gold with a  a winning average of 43.8 their opponents were creamed.
                3.      On this day in 1983 a small bomb was detonated in the second floor of the Senate Chambers north wing after a Senate reception had taken place/Minutes before a taped message to WAPO  by the Armed Resistance protesting that our involvement in Grenada and Lebanon was a disgrace/No one was injure and only a $ million in damages occurred/After a lengthy investigation of this bombing and 2 others the perpetrators were convicted and behind bars their confinement was secured.
                4.      On this day in 1973 in both Houses by the required 2/3’s vote/Nixon’s veto of the War Powers Act is revoked/With the Watergate investigation gathering steam and the Saturday Massacre’s blood on the floor/Even Nixon’s 1972 landslide victory could cower Congress any more.                                         5.      On this day in 1915 Jeannette Rankin finished 2nd in Montana’s at large vote for its two Representatives to become the first elected female in Congress/ As a devoted pacifist she was one of the 50 members of the House a Declaration of War against Germany and Austria who chose to resist/Defeated in a run for the Senate in 1918 she would later retire from the Congressional election scene/Until 1939 seeing the war clouds in Europe gather steam/Ran again for Congress in 1940 and won her seat/On December 8, 1941 once again a Declaration of War trying to defeat/Stuck to her principles and cast the only Congressional “Nay” vote/Which with her abstain vote on Germany was for her career “All she wrote”.
               Quote on Jeannette Rankin’s “Nay” vote against declaration of war against Japan by Progressive leader William Allen White in the Kansas Emporia Gazette:  Probably a hundred men in Congress would have liked to do what she did. Not one of them had the courage to do it. The Gazette entirely disagrees with the wisdom of her position. But Lord, it was a brave thing! And its bravery someway discounted its folly. When, in a hundred years from now, courage, sheer courage based upon moral indignation is celebrated in this country, the name of Jeannette Rankin, who stood firm in folly for her faith, will be written in monumental bronze– not for what she did but for the way she did it”

November 7, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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