Friday, May 26, 2023

Yellen Tells Us Not June 1 But June 5 Is the Drop Dead Date When Will Compromise Rule And My Way or the Highway Abate?


Just when it is beginning to look that by the deadline a compromise the Blues and Reds will not achieve
Instead of a default on June 1, Yellen has juggled the books it seems and has given us a 4 day reprieve
June 5 is now the drop dead date where the federal treasury runs dry
Sadly it seems despite a looming disaster the need for compromise both sides defy
Until then the seniors are jumping for joy
Billions of Social Security and Medicare checks will be sent out for the recipients to enjoy
Sadly on this crisis, Biden true to form is leading from behind
Members of the House are leaving town so back on Tuesday for the negotiations to rewind
Washington under Biden seems to be back in Rome in a time machine
Instead of free bread and gladiators bills of pork fill the scenes
And Nero Biden oblivious fiddles over his choice of ice cream
While Americans facing the disaster of a default are shouting outraged screams
Unlike businesses and households who plan ahead if they need to cut back if they can’t pay future bills
Washington waits till the last moment to a short band aid fix, kicking the can down the road because our leaders lack needed political will

© May 26, 2026 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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