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May 25, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


Schumer has broadened the definition of MAGA supporters to included anyone including liberal Justices on SOTUS who vote against the Biden Administration as he ruled against the EPA trying to classify a ditch in Idaho that occasionally water would run into Priest Lake, a navigable body of water as navigable waters 9-0. The negotiations on increase the debt ceiling continue but still the parties still have issues that separate them. The AG of Texas Ken Paxson who has been a thorn with his lawsuits against a good number of Biden policies is in hot water for alleged misusing public information law, using his office to help a donor, terminating employees who reported his "unlawful" conduct, bribery, and misleading public officials, and a House Committee investigating his actions has recommended his impeachment. In another example of “Going Woke Means Going Broke” Target is being slammed by customers and the market for its aggressive promotion of transgender friendly clothing many of which are from transgender activist Erick Carnell whose rhetoric against people who question transgenders is pretty over the top. CNN which cannot be characterized as a pro Republican has come out with a poll showing 64% of those surveyed thought his election in 2024 would be a disaster (watch Robert Kennedy, Jr. like Eugene McCarthy in 1968 rise in the polls to the extent Blues like Newsom will jump in. Elon Musk’s company Nueralink has received FDA approval for in human testing of its brain microchips. Boston beat the Heat today 110-97, needing to win in game 6 on Saturday in Miami.                       May 25, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
           Noted Holidays: National Missing Children’s Day: Created by Ronald Reagan on this day in 1983 in memory of Etan Patz, a 6 year old who disappeared from a sidewalk in NYC on this day in 1979 and dedicated to encouraging parents, guardians, caregivers, and others concerned with the well-being of children to make child safety a priority. 
            Word of the Day: the word of the day is “anomia”  which means the inability to remember names which is a real problem when you are introducing someone to someone whose name you cannot remember.
            Number 1 Song: The number 1 song on this day in 1982 was “Ebony and Ivory  by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder on a run of 7 weeks to share with 14 other songs achieving number 1 ranking, the lowest number since 1956, while 10 acts achieved number 1 status for the first time. Here is a music video of Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder performing “Ebony and Ivory”
            May 25 Famous Birthdays: “To Die Doing What You Love To Do” Ray Stevenson was born on this day in 1964 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland was a noted stage and film actor who while being on the set filming  Cassino in Ischia on the Italian island Ischia was rushed to the hospital on May 21, 2023  to die there with the cause of death not revealed. 
           May 25, Historical Events In Rhyme
           1.     On this day in 2018 Ireland voted to repeal its 8th Amendment which prohibited abortion except to the mother’s life save/And replace it with the 36th that to the legislature the power to regulate abortion gave.
           2.     On this day in 2012 Space X Dragon 1 became the first commercial spacecraft to with ISIS dock/No longer would the world to resupply missions have to the Russians go in hock.
           3.      On this day in 2001 Erik Weihenmayer proved he was not out of his mind/As he became the person to reach the summit of Everest while being blind.
           4.      On this day in 1986 before we hand GoFundMe we tried with Hands Across of America to raise/$15 million from 10-13 million held hands in lines across the nation for 15 minutes meet your gaze.

           5.      On this day in 1961 JFK announced his intent to have us place men on the Moon/And to bring them safely back to Earth and not leave them marooned.
            Quote on Hands Across America by Jacob Shelton: “ In 1986, Ken Kragen, the mastermind behind “We Are the World,” dreamed up Hands Across America, a coast-to-coast show of solidarity meant to raise money to fight hunger and end homelessness in the United States. The charitable event took months to plan but ran into financial, political, and logistical setbacks. In the end, it failed to live up to its lofty goals despite all the hype. Celebrities, politicians, and ordinary people all participated in the 15-minute, 4,125-mile chain across America, which also spawned a heartfelt song and even a Super Bowl commercial.”

© May 25, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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