Friday, May 26, 2023

With Only 5 out of 33 Seniors Eligible For Graduation Marlin High Scholl In Texas Is a Poster Child For Failure In Public Education


The news our of Marlin, Texas is symbolic of the failing of public education
When only 5 out 33 seniors in Marlin High School had the grades and credits for graduation
It is time that parents and the public rise up in forceful condemnation
Randi Weingarten and her ilk seem hell bent on from learning to deviation
The curriculum in too many schools is dumbed down to the point that a high school degree
Confers little or no career prospects or learning and coping skills for problems they will see
Too much time devote to the Woke agenda that his infected our land
If we are to prosper must be dismissed out of hand
Kids need to be challenged in their school
Eager to adapt and learn needed skill tools
If the courses are dumbed down to the lowest common denominator
Their boredom will quickly and surely cause their interest to crater
Don’t know the demographics of the Marlin High School
But if it has to many illegal aliens nearly English illiterate it may not have the right tools
Education and a stable family with children born into wedlock
Is the proven way to poverty and criminal activity have a chance to block

© May 26, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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