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May 23, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


As the default clock keeps ticking on resolving the debt ceiling crisis and the Blues seem digging their heels not wanting to reduce spending and not wanting to have any meaningful reductions in future expenditures. The task is further complicated by demand of the less moderates in each parties with the Blues demanding higher taxes on the wealthy and the freedom caucus wanting to secure the border and cancel the 86,000 increase in the number of IRS agents the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act provided. The chairman of the IRS has denied any retaliation by the IRS on the whistleblower exposing Hunter Biden and stated that the whistleblower’s reassignment was done at the request of the DOJ. Reds must be fuming as the FBI has refused to respond to a subpoena of the House demanding production of FBI documents relating to a whistleblower’s claims on Hunter Biden’s and potentially Joe Biden’s  criminal activity. Not germane to the corruption allegations but the mother of his daughter, confirmed by paternity tests is moving to have him jailed for refusing to respond to discovery requirements in order to determine his income.  Shellyne Rodriguez, a Hunter College adjunct assistant professor of art who was caught on camera in a profanity laced rants at students at a prolife table and then shoving a large amount of their material to the ground has been fired after waving a machete and threatening to chop him up at a New York Post reporter who went to her apartment to see if he could interview her over the prolife table incident. The House passed a bill with 4 Blues joining 2017 Reds to nullify Biden’s attempt to ban fossil fuel trucks needed to deliver products. Mega Red donor who previously supported Trump is now backing De Santis for two reasons-first Trump would be a lame duck the day he took office and secondly he would not win the general election (with Trump’s ego the chances of him listening to such advice is slim, none and nonexistent). The Celtics down 3-0 playing the Heat today finally found their ability to hit threes and beat the           Heat 116-99 and making 40% of their threes to 25% by the Heat. Back to Boston for Game 5 on Thursday at 5:30 P.M. PDT  viewed on TNT.  

           May 232, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
           Noted Holidays: World Turtle Day:
Created by the American Tortoise Rescue in 2000 and celebrated on this day since then to create awareness of the dangers the 330 species of turtles and tortoises face including 2 marine turtles, the Ridley Kemp sea turtle and the Olive Ridley sea turtle who are endangered by habitat loss, pet stores, and fishing seines, lines and pots.  
            Word of the Day: the word of the day is “anodontia”  which means toothlessness which was caused by poor dental hygiene but solved today by dentures and dental implants.
            Number 1 Song: The number 1 song on this day in 1984 was “Hello”; by Lionel Ritchie on a run of 2 weeks to share with 19 other songs achieving number 1 ranking, while 15 acts achieved number 1 status for the first time. Here is a music video of Lionel Ritchie performing “Hello”:
            May 23 Famous Birthdays: A Well Named Singer, Jewel Kilcher, born on this day in 1974 in Payson, Utah who was raised in Homer, Alaska and starting singing in Hotels and taverns in Anchorage but with the help of the citizens of Homer who raised $11,000 to attend Interlochen Music Academy and upon graduation settled in San Diego writing songs and performing in such venues as coffee house to get notified by Atlantic Records and the rest is a well document history with 4 Grammy Nominations and 30 million records sold.
          Historical Events on May 23 Noted in Rhyme:
          May 23, Historical Events In Rhyme

          1.           In 2021 if you are a journalist in Belarus you live under strongman Lukashenko’s iron fist/ As activist journalist discovered when his Ryan Air Flight 4968 was forced to land in Minsk when a bomb on the plane was said to exist/ Roman Protasevich was arrested, tried and sentenced to 8 years on May 3 despite world hue and cry/which worked as a pardon was quickly issued as Lukashenko decided the world community he did not wish to deny.
           2.           In 2013 1 span of the 58 year old Skagit Bridge in the Evergreen State/ Collapsed and fell into the river below, a warning that 36% of bridges there are past their prime so more dangers drivers await.
           3.           In 1995 to the joy of programmers Java computer language was released.
           4.       In 1960 on May 22nd, a 9.4 earthquake hit near Santiago, sending a tsunami that hit Hilo, Hawaii, almost 7,000 miles away on May 23rd, leaving major damage and 61 persons deceased.
           5.       In 1934 at the Auto Lite plant in Toledo, Ohio the union went on strike and the company to break it with 1500 “scab” employees/A riot broke out between the cops and strikers in the “Battle of Toledo with rocks and bottles against tear gas in a wild melee.
Famous Quotes on Events and Issues:
            Quote on the Pacific Tsunami Museum in Hilo, Hawaii on the tsunami that hit Hilo in 1946 and equal applicable to the 1960 tsunami: “If there had just been a worrywart among us. If only we had said, 'Hey, wait a minute, maybe we better move back,' nobody would have lost their lives.”

© May 23, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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