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May 30, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


The debt ceiling deal is taking flak from both Progressives and the Freedom Caucus threatening to torpedo the bill in Committee and McCarthy’s Speakership (once again on the debt ceiling we are at the fiscal cliff looking to fall off because of Presidential MIA and Congressional delay in facing the issue—constituents should send fiddles and togas to Congress as like Rome we face crashing and burning. Elisabeth Holmes once the exalted first female self-made billionaire on her fraud has entered prison to start her 11 year sentence—she is lucky she will not have more time but her two innocent kids will suffer big time with their mother in prison. The Reds are moving to hold Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for the FBI refusing to release the FD-1023 document that supposedly details a bribery scheme between Joe Biden and a foreign national (unfortunately as the contempt citations against AG Holder showed the DOJ will not take any action but the issue should be tidal of demands by voter to have the document released which if not will sink his reelection and if released and it contains even remotely what is alleged will sink it before it starts). Marines have to qualify each year on the shooting range but evidently not in hand to hand combat as 3 Marines were brutally punch and kicked by a mob of teens after one of them asked them to stop shooting fireworks on the beach near the San Clemente pier.  Bud Light’s sales due to its ill-fated partnership with TG Dylan Mulvaney are dropping faster than Biden’s popularity as the bleeding continues with sales down 29.5% for the week ended May 20 compared to the same period in 2022.  Target with its TG friendly clothing for kids has experienced the dubious distinction of having a song urging its boycott “Boycott Target” by  Rapper  Forgiato Blow  hitting the charts at number I even as the rapper is being shadow banned by pressure from Target over lost sales. AOC is having a bad time first she was subject to angry criticism at her town hall meeting with constituents having to resort to the Harris of laughing and showed her thin skin to criticism of Musk and Twitter lashing out at a clearly identified parody account that will make many people reading it laugh. Celtics were out 3’d in spades and were destroyed on their home court by the Heat 103-84 to play the Nuggets in the finals.
           May 30, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
           Noted Holidays: World MS Day: Created by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation in 2009 and celebrated on the last Wednesday in May from 2009 to 2017 and on May 30 since 2018 to raise awareness of and raise funds for research seeking treatment and cure of Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative nerve disease that affects some 2.8 million worldwide by destroying the of myelin that adversely affects the way nerves conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain causing such symptoms as blurred vision, weak limbs, tingling sensations, unsteadiness, memory problems, and fatigue. Fortunately the symptoms are mostly treatable by the decrease in life expectancy of someone affected by the disease is 5-10 years but as treatments have improved the decrease is being decreased.
           Word of the Day: the word of the day is “antejentacular”  which means before breakfast which is the time most alert and ready to plan your day, meditate, or stretch or light yoga or maybe a cup of coffee while greeting the stock market ticker that day.
            Number 1 Song: The number 1 song on this day in 1978 was “With A Little Luck” by Wings on a run of 3 weeks to share with 19 other songs achieving number 1 ranking, while 11 acts achieved number one hit status in a year of Gibbs uber alle with the Bee Gees having 3 hits, Andy Gibbs with 2 and Barry Gibbs having written or co-written 7 number 1 songs. Here is a recording of Wings performing “With A Little Luck”:
            May 30 The Woman in the Boat: Amy Fuller was a 3 time Olympian rower, winning the bronze and  competed in 8 World Championships winning 1 gold and 6 silvers but with her ore could not outrace breast cancer and died from it on March 11th of this year.
            May 30, Historical Events In Rhyme
            1.     On this day in 2022 at Cape Kennedy Space X’s after 20  unmanned cargo flights/A manned Dragon-2 space craft was launched from the Kennedy Space Center eliminating Russia’s $80 million per U.S. Astronaut bite.   
            2.     On this day in 2013 Nigeria went against the expanding trend/ Passed a law stating all same sex marriages would come to an end.
            3.     On this day in 1998 what the world needed like a hole in its crust/Pakistan became the 6th nation to be able to any war with India to nukes thrust.

          4.      On this day in 1989, protesting Chinese students constructed the 10 meter tall Goddess of Liberty in Tiananmen Square/On June 4, 1989 the CCP throttling any dissent could not bear to have it standing there.

5.      On this Decoration Day in 1911 Ray Harroun came out of retirement to win the first Indy 500 using a rear view mirror/With a speed of 74.602 mph and no mechanic looking to the rear.
            Quote By Jung Chang, noted Chinese-British author on the massacre at Tiananmen Square by CCP Soldiers: “In spring 1989...I saw the buildup of demonstrations from Chengdu to Tiananmen Square. It struck me that fear had been forgotten to such an extent that few of the millions of demonstrators perceived danger. Most seemed to be taken by surprise when the army opened fire.”

© May 30, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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