Sunday, February 28, 2021

Momentum against Cuomo Remaining in Office Building Time to Axe Chris, Brian, Jake and Jim Too?


I you want to find an objective journalist do not look for Brian Stelter
Reeking of bias against Reds he was a leader in giving Cuomo scandals shelter
So quick to join in the MSM praise for Cuomo’s pandemic handling that would never stop
Never questioned his Emmy award even as seniors in nursing homes due to his order were beginning like flies to drop
Scenes of refrigerated trucks holding bodies because morgues were full never made the news
Not a word of question or concern of legislation pushed through that prevented nursing homes from being sued
CNN cheered long and hard for Cuomo’s reports that an Emmy they felt he deserved
Even as we now know the magnitude of the deaths due to his orders in reports was not observed
A Blue AG had the integrity to inform us what were the facts
A cover-up of the much larger number of deaths his reports lacked
From CNN such news on the true state of affairs kept viewers in the dark
More silence on yet another scandal of sexual harassment started to embark
Listening to CNN and his little brother Chris
The truth on Cuomo’s bloody hands and harassment a viewer would miss
Cuomo unlike Kavanaugh deserves the presumption of innocence and due process
But when Pelosi and both AOC both say allegations are credible an investigation will no longer be suppressed
Since CNN’s journalistic qualifications and standings are not worth a bucket of warm spit
Time to kill two birds with one stone and have Chris and Brian from the network quit
Without Trump to 24/7 rail against and bash
Their ratings will in a nosedive crash
Cutting high priced pseudo “journalists” would save needed cash
Stelter, Cuomo, Tapper Acosta et al need to have their work product dumped in the trash

© February 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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