Friday, February 12, 2021

Catch and Release Great for Fishing Not for Illegals Seeking Asylum


True sportsmen who love the excitement of fishing often swear by catch and release
After that big Marlin, trout or bass has fought the hook and finally has to cease
A quick photo of the catch to prove it was not hooked to then break free and swim away
The hook is carefully removed, catch released to once again fight the hook another day
That idea of conservation has infected the immigration policy of Biden
As the reality of an open border and our security continues to widen
25,000 asylum seekers thanks to Trump’s policy are awaiting on the other side of our border before their case is heard
Biden will now allow them to enter the U.S. to receive a notice to at a hearing appear when the idea most will is absurd
When the average asylum application takes almost 3 years for a day in court
And almost 70% of the applicants when their case is resolved come up short
What illegal most likely from poverty in home country trying to escape
Is going to run the risk with those odds and forced to be returned to face the same fate?
Add to those statistics the new Biden edict handcuffing ICE’s ability to round up and deport
And any pronouncements by Biden of need for secure borders are debunked and come up short
Asylum seekers should not have to expose themselves to coyotes’ rape, assault and life threatening conditions to join in a to El Norte trek
Their application should be heard at a consulate in home country to be approved or rejected
Without such a hearing or no asylum granted upon trying to later cross, they must be ejected
© February 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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