Friday, February 12, 2021

Cuomo's Emmy Should Be Returned and Given to Janice Dean


As the scandal of Andrew Cuomo’s cover-up of CV nursing homes continues to grow
Appreciation for a Blue AG’s and a Cuomo aide’s damning revelations we need to bestow
Maybe another person deserves an Emmy that Cuomo did not deserve to get
A journalist who daily called on us not to Cuomo’s ineptness ever forget
Janice Dean is a meteorologist for Fox news giving viewers the weather to expect
Sadly her mother-in-law and father-in-law were in a nursing home one of many the CV chose to infect
On February 11 they would have celebrated a marriage of 60 years
But last spring due to Cuomo’s CV policies the virus at their nursing home appeared
Not from a visitor from outside but from a patient already infected sent by Cuomo’s rule
When all the early signs were the elderly were really at risk and anyone so ignoring that was a complete fool
Dean was vocal in her blaming Cuomo that her in-laws from CV are now dead
Scheduled to testify in August in New York on pandemic but was pulled from list instead
While Cuomo was raising money based on his briefings for his political war chest
Dean was a tireless voice that more had to be done to deaths in nursing homes arrest
Almost on the anniversary of a missed 60th the truth is revealed
Cuomo the true extent of deaths to avoid investigation by DOJ had concealed
Reeks of obstruction as the most helpless died
While an arrogant Cuomo from the undeserving limelight never shied
Dean should receive the Emmy and Cuomo’s should be returned
If there is a God Cuomo for his acts after prison should forever in Hell burn.

© February 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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