Friday, February 12, 2021

Silence of CNN and Chris Cuomo on Andrew's Nursing Home Death Scandal Is Deafening


The stench from the Cack at CNN on Cuomo’s nursing home death cover up is so strong
That even the bluest of the Blues believe what CNN and Cuomo did was wrong
But Cuomo’s daily briefings that from CNN and MSM drew nothing but fawning praise
As morgues filled up and bodies parked in refrigerated trucks no questions raised
Worse CNN had little Fredo brother Chris appearing in the Chris and Andrew show
Clowning around as the deaths from Cuomo’s follies continued to grow
Working for CNN under the hands on style of Jeff Zucker
Who when it came to any anti-Trump story true or not was a total sucker
Chris must have gotten a you do not need to be a journalist to work here pass
Should have use his Yale degree to practice law for a as a journalist without any class
CNN blinded by Cuomo’s rants against Trump seemed not troubled by the body count
Rising each day as Cuomo’s orders to send CV infected patients to nursing homes did mount
Why AT&T ever allowed Zucker and his over the top leftist bias to at CNN remain
Makes one wonder who at AT&T had TDS Stage 4 infecting his brain
CNN mired in its forever see no evil, report no evil if governor is Blue
As more facts of obstruction of justice come out under their nose will their silence rue
Another example of “fake news” so hard to catch when it is by omission
So much harder to fact check when fake news by silent omission
But on Thursday even the MSM was covering the deaths Cuomo concealed
Save on Chris’ show that his brother’s bloody hands were not mentioned or revealed

© February 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  

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