Sunday, February 14, 2021

When We Needed a Ford We Got a Biden Edsel and Blown Unity Chance Event


Biden had a golden moment to unity enhance that  he ignored
Has assured that of the divisive rage we will see much more
Held hostage by the Progressive faction that hates Trump to his very core
So quick to comment when Blues could not muster 2/3 vote on Senate floor
All he had to do was review the act of Gerald Ford
As a resigning Nixon climbed the steps of Marine One to board
In the end his act likely cost him against Carter the 76 election
But he viewed his pardon as being in the best interests to unify the nation
Here Trump was not convicted and a pardon was not needed
But this frail president with growing dementia the leftist voices heeded
Dismissed the Constitutional mandate for a 2/3 conviction vote
Claimed the charges were proved to try to Trump’s future role fatally demote
Claiming that charges against Trump were beyond dispute
Destroying any chance to allow the seeds of needed unity to take root
Just like his warning that any staff who talked down to someone would be fired
In case of Dulko more like a Syrian red line in sand as reality retired
A chance to needed unity to advance instead fuel to the divisive flames
Looks like with Biden we can expect only more of the divisive ad hominem attacks Swamp games.
Only words of outrage to be expected against the existential threats of the Chinese
Followed by weak or nonexistent acts that will embolden them to do as they please

© February 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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