Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Texas Freeze Takes Windpower and Solar Power Offline--Time for Humans to Freeze Thanks AOC


Becoming an economy that is carbon emission free is a noble goal

But the arctic freeze across the nation shows without fossil fuels a deadly toll
Wind chill and snow in Texas for example cause the wind turbines to seize
Raising the risk of those without power in below 0 temperatures would freeze
Batteries are supposed to help solar when the Sun goes night time
But what happens when the panels are covered with ice and daylight temps do not out of freezing climb
Any grid looking to wind and solar may be in a world of hurt
Without the power backup from fossil fuel, look out for deaths by freezing alert
Biden already is divorcing himself from the reality of need for slow transition from fossil fuels
To far too soon put all eggs in a nonnuclear green basket proves him to be a complete energy fool
Stopping Keystone XL, soon Dakota Pipeline and drilling on federal lands
Watch for rise in oil prices and interruptions this CV recovering economy may not withstand

© February 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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