Thursday, February 11, 2021

Cuomo Hides NY Nursing Home Deaths To Avoid DOJ Investigation= Obstruction of Justice Cover-up?


Andrew on TV was the MSM star to his fight against the pandemic detail
With charts and mask and social distances to exhort and against Trump to rail
Demanded more ventilators, demanded more hospital beds
As refrigerator trucks were called in to store the rising nursing home dead
His polished presentations applauded by his little Fredo brother Chris
Were media presentations that anyone concerned on the pandemic could not miss
But in the summaries so polished and slick
No mention of his role in sending to nursing homes patients with the CV virus sick
His policy of requiring nursing homes who were not equipped to their residents have protected
Caused agonizing deaths by the thousands that any rational governor would have rejected
Protect the elderly they are the most likely to be infected, most likely to die
Over and over from the CDC we heard that battle cry
Cuomo sending infected to nursing homes did not
And when the deaths started to mount had to hide truth to avoid being caught
Andrew has blood on his hands and worse he is totally corrupt
Belongs in prison for his role in the extent of deaths cover up
Fortunately the truth of his misdeeds is being now revealed
Even his most loyal hack no longer wants to cover for him and truth conceal
His arrogant disregard of the most vulnerable in his care
Means a prison cell he soon must share

© February 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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