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February 4, 2021 Ridley's Believe It Or Not World Cancer Day


Ridley’s Believe It Or Not February 4, 2021

      CV World Cases: The CV pandemic across the planet continues the new year with surging cases now over 104 million at 105,383,800 with 1,182,668 new cases (a 1.13% increase) 25,857,396 of which are active, 79,485,444 closed with 77,193,308 recoveries (97.12% and 97.11% yesterday) and 2,292,136 deaths (2.88% and 2.89% yesterday) to continue the trend of increased cases with increased recovery percentages and decreased death percentages with some plateaus.

      CV USA Cases: Total cases now over 27 million at 27,260,853 with 159,343 new cases (a .59% increase) with 9,788,691 active cases of which 23,361 (.24% of active cases and a decrease now of 5,910 from a peak of 29,271 on December 31) are in serious or critical condition, 17,472,162 closures, 466,535 of which have been deaths (2.67% and 2.66% yesterday) and 17,005,627 of which have been recoveries (97.33% and 97.34% yesterday). Our death rate percentage continues to improve and after many months is now .21% lower than the world rate and still .08% lower than Canada which has the socialized type medicine Biden may well want to implement here  and on a deaths per million population measurement on a steady climb to 1405 ranks behind Belgium (1826), UK (1619) which had passed us despite leading world in testing), and Italy (1494) and only slightly worse than Bulgaria (1340), Hungary (1330),   Portugal (1324), Spain (1300), Peru (1256), Mexico (1243), France (1193), Sweden (1187) that never closed its economy down like we did but has recently been experiencing a rapid rise in  deaths, Switzerland (1099), Argentina (1072),  Brazil (1072), Poland (1014), Chile (975), and Bolivia (898) and we have now conducted  318,583,335 tests (now at 959,137/M) compared to Russia at 706,986/M) as we are conducting  more tests in number and on a per capital basis for all nations (other than those nations that contain small populations like Bahrain, Denmark,  Israel, Malta, Singapore and UAE) other than the U.K. which remains off the testing charts with tests at 1,110,318/M.
       US Vaccinations: In the U.S. as of 2/4/2021 36.7 million doses have been given, 1.34 million per day in the last week. In California 3,984,752 total doses have been given (61.9% of doses received), but typical of Newsom’s ineptness and the power of growing signatures on his recall petition, California has slightly worsened and is now at 34th   out of 50 in terms of the percentage of doses administered as a percentage of doses delivered to the states. A long way to go to get herd immunity but some improvement relative to other states but still a good reason to recall this inept governor. As of 2/4/2021 in California we have reduced hospitalizations to 14,138 with COVID-19 patients hospitalized occupying 24.5% of all hospital beds.

      Non CV Case News: Psaki as Biden’s mouthpiece insisted that he wants the schools reopened and lashed out a reporter who had the temerity to ask if Biden would stand up to the teachers’ unions who dole out millions of campaign dollars to Blues (how will middle and lower class parents both be able to return to work if the elementary schools remain closed?); Georgia Red Rep Green has said some outlandish things verging on inciting violence before she ran for Congress,  but the House on a partisan vote with 11 Reds joining in voted to remove her from 2 committees to which she had been appointed by the House Minority Leader (dangerous precedent indeed especially when the likes of Maxine Waters can urge people seeing Trump officials or supporters “to get into their faces” continues to chair her committee);  time for America to wake up to the War on Free Speech or at least War on Conservative Speech, as INDY reporters who rely upon social media are feeling the Social Media Censorship heat (any state controlled by Reds should ape Florida’s move to enable victims of censorship by Social Media to seek damages); Nadler who chairs the House Judiciary refused Rep. Matt Gaetz’s request to begin meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance because the House opens its meetings with it so it would be superfluous (given the snap impeachment on Trump one can understand his not wanting to pledge allegiance to the Constitution); Gruesome Newsom may now be sweating as recall signatures now total 1.4 million (even if replaced by another Blue, message sent to politicians that ineptness and hypocrisy needs to be avoided would be worth sending); Blues are moving forward with the Budget reconciliation process that will enable them to avoid a filibuster in the Senate but McConnell, no slouch on Senate rules, will be forcing votes on funding illegals and schools that refuse to open (seems like a no brainer that if you are not teaching kids in a way they need in order to learn, they ought not to get federal dollars);  here’s the link to join the final 100,000 signatures to put Newsom on a recall ballot where his ineptness will have put him:

          Chicago Gun Violence: is back to show that through February 3, 2021,  gun violence involving mostly persons of color shooting persons of color in Chicago is alive and well with 265 persons shot of whom 56 have died.

As always, I hope you enjoy today’s holidays and observances, factoids of interest for this day in history, a musical link to “Let Me Love You” by Mario, the fact that you can avoid rants from leftists like AOC to avoid pyrosis and a quote by J.D. Crouch on the USO, secure in the knowledge that if you want to send a gift for any memorable events like Father’s Day, college graduations, birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, you know that the Alaskanpoet can provide you with a unique customized poem at a great price tailored to the event and the recipient. Please contact me for the details on the pricing.

          1. World Cancer Day—created on February 4, 2000 and led by the Union for International Cancer Control to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its detection, prevention, and treatment.

          2. National Hemp Day—founded by cbdMD on February 4, 2019 to promote the production and use of the ancient crop of hemp and products derived from in like CBD oil, plastics, paint, oil, rope, and installation.

          3. 2005 Number One Song—the number 1 song in 2005 on this day with a run of 9 weeks in that position was “Let Me Love You” by Mario to join 7 other number 1 songs and 4 other acts achieving their first number one songs.  Here is a recording of Mario  performing “Let Me Love You”:

          4. Word of the Day—today’s word of the day is “pyrosis” which means a heart burn which is something most conservatives feel listening to the rants of AOC.

          5.  Beautiful Things—celebrating or bemoaning depending on your political viewpoint the birth on the day in 1970 of Hunter Biden, the second son of President Biden who is under criminal investigation, has been the target of quid pro quo scandals for his business dealings in Ukraine and China, has struggled with addiction and is releasing a book on his addiction struggles shortly.

          On this day in:

a. 1941 to the joy of servicemen who would be fighting in World War II in some 2 months the United Service Organization (USO) was founded.

          b. 1974 the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst whom they later radicalized.

          c. 1977 Stephen Martin the driver of a Chicago Elevated Transit Authority Train with one prior derailment in his record and after smoking marijuana ran into another train causing 4 cars to derail, 3 of which fell to the ground below and the collision killed 11 and injured over 180, the worse accident in the Transit Authority’s history.

d. 1999 unarmed Guinean immigrant Amand Diallo was shot 41 times in New York City by 4 plainclothes detective who mistook him for a rape suspect. The four cops went on trial for second degree murder but were acquitted and Diallo’s family’s only justice was a $3 million settlement in a wrongful death suit filed by his family and a disbanding of the unit the 4 cops belonged to.

          e. 2020 in a chilling omen of what the future would soon look like, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all casinos in Macau for 15 days.

Reflections on the USO: “We need to speak more clearly to the civilian-military divide because I think there are a lot of people out there who, when they see our narrative, they say, ‘I’m really glad you’re doing that.’ What we need them to say is, ‘I want to be a part of that.’” – J.D. Crouch, President and Chief Executive Officer United Service Organizations.

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